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About Stacey.

I love to travel. Whether it's on my own or with a group of friends, I have an affinity to travel the world. When I was in high school, I tried to extol the virtues of a foreign exchange program to my traditional parents but to no avail. Once I reached college, I was ready to start exploring. I packed my bags without even figuring how I would get from the Copenhagen airport to my destination and just took off. And so began my love of traveling. And that was 15 years ago.

Since then, I've visited over 50 countries and 5 continents. I've set out a goal to make it to at least 4 different countries every year so that I can eventually cross off all the countries on my "bucket list". I want to use this blog as my little outlet to share some of the amazing (and not so amazing) things I've learned, seen, and come across in my past and future travels.

And hopefully to inspire others to wanderlust as much as I do. Until I've fully setup Wordpress, feel free to visit a few of my friends blogs: Agatha P, Heather A, Ashlee D, Kian F.


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